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Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia
В музыке группы Rekevin сочетаются меланхоличный даунтемпо и изнеженный эйсид-джаз, сыгранные исключительно вживую и подкрепленные нежным эмоциональным вокалом очаровательной вокалистки.

В январе 2008 года был выпущен дебютный альбом «A Peacock», а в марте 2009 вышел второй альбом «Nulukatuk». Обе пластинки группа спродюсировала собственными силами без помощи лейблов. Rekevin славятся своей любовью к аналоговому звуку, поэтому при записи были использованы уникальные винтажные инструменты: Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Minimoog, Theremin, синтезаторы Ритм-2 и Аэлита, рояль, контрабас и другие. Также к записи нескольких треков был привлечён струнный квартет.

В июне 2008 Rekevin отыграли на Питерском фестивале Stereoleto на одной площадке с легендами трип-хоп музыки Massive Attack. В сентябре 2008 группа покорила украинский фестиваль Jazz Koktebel, сыграв на одной сцене с Red Snapper. «Европейское качество звука подкрепляется потрясающей красотой самой музыки – и получается великолепно. Слушая их как-то сложно поверить, что они из Москвы, а не Бристоля».

Water Low

Water Low is a new musical conceptual project composing music in art electro, indie, future pop style, and also experimenting in any musical genres.
The compositions of Water Low can be described as the unique mix of modern electro music styles with rock-guitar and touching cosmic female vocal.
Members of the band perform songs in English and Russian languages about life and death, about past, present and future, with a lot of philosophical emphasis and some irony dose.
Colleagues in the band reside in three different countri
es, interact via Internet and greatly enjoy such modern way of creating music (a lot like in the first project of the two Water Low members – international collective Mmadcatz).
The debut single “Game”, presented by the band, has received good references from Russian and Belarusian radio stations and now is successfully placed into rotation in FM airplay.
Mini EP "Electricity" released May 4th 2012 is available to download in lossless quality at http://waterlow.bandcamp.com/
In the nearest plans of the band there’re the release of the full-length studio album consisting of 14 tracks in digital and CD formats at the end of this year, the release of the debut official video for the song “Game”, remix contest, the release of the next single and video shooting in summer 2012.
Also in the plans of the band there’s touring with club concerts in the large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In live performance music of Water Low along with the unique image of artists will shape a new dimension on stage (futurism in combination with steampunk style).
Liloo Steam – lead vocals, vocals.
Lana Walder - vocals, keyboards, synthesizers.
Alexey Skorohod – vocals, machines.


Pianochocolate musical project was founded in 2008 in Russia. Tunes, music and ideas have appeared much earlier, but all ideas and projects combined when Pianochocolate appeared. The basic concept of the project is transformation of emotions in music. Nowadays when everyone lacks time, many things become disposable, tasteless. Our goal is to create warm songs that will bring on associations and emotions. Pianochocolate's first album entitled «Morning Coffee» was released by the independent Russian online-label «Pulsations For You» in late 2008 and soon found its audience on the Internet. Presentation of the album went on MySpace Russia, songs were featured on many Internet radio stations such as Klassik Radio Germany, Deluxe Lounge Radio, LoungeFM. Music of Pianochocolate doesn't sound like something in specific, it is versatile, can change abruptly as the mood,it is alive. You can meet the elements of styles such as Drum & Bass, Breaks, Chillout, Easy Listening, Jungle, Trance. Some melodies of the project can be heard in movies and social advertising. Time to Meet (EP) 2009 - Five new songs, new journey in the world of emotions, memories and music scents. We invite you to go with us, the ticket is already in your hands.

Piano is a classic instrument, a symbol of perfect taste, timeless and yet interesting, while the chocolate is an instrument to bring happiness and comfort. The album Morning Coffee (2008) suits fine as for a background and for a thoughtful listening. Aerial piano sound with a chocolatecoffee flavor album.


Пищу музыку различных стилей!
Приоритетные стили - Chillout и Trance!
Открыт для сотрудничества с другими музыкантами!
Надеюсь, моё творчество вам всем понравится! ;)
Приятного прослушивания! ;)
Relax Yourself!!!


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